Built in 1969 and esigned by Geoffrey Bawa, the father of the “tropical colonial” architectural style. Having made his name in his native Sri Lanka by blending traditional buildings with western functionality, Bawa took the Wantilan, a traditional Balinese meeting place, and, by adding rooms, and the first ever spiral staircase in Bali, created the first liveable Wantilan. Since then, countless other properties have copied the style, all over Bali.

Wantilan is the archetypal Bali-style 2-story, 2-bedroom villa overlooking the beach, with a wide open living space.

Downstairs is the spacious master bedroom with a an additional day bed and a bathtub large enough to fit 8 people. Upstairs has the best view of the fabled “morning of the world” sunrise over the Lombok Straits.

Villa Amenities & Services
  • Complimentary drinking water everyday
  • Continental breakfast
  • Butler and Chef service
  • Individual AC
  • Safe deposit box
  • Mini bar and fridge
  • Free Wi-fi
  • Laundry Service
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Direct access to beach